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One-to-One Coaching

DSB Training and Coaching

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One-to-one Coaching with David Scott Brown of DSB Training & Coaching


I offer one-to-one coaching sessions personally tailored to your needs.  If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unable to think clearly, I can help you to find the direction you need to move on confidently with your life.  Perhaps you have a nagging awareness that things could be different, but you’re not sure how to create the impact you want.  Or maybe you need help in setting goals and sticking to them, or in realising your full potential?  If so, I can coach you towards greater fulfilment in your life.  Contact me to chat through how.


TIFF© (Temple Index of Functional Fluency)

Many of my clients begin the coaching experience with a two-hour TIFF© feedback session.  TIFF© is a well-researched personal development tool that can help you gain telling insights into your current patterns of social behaviour.  This kind of awareness, of your own behaviours and the behaviours of others, is very important in any situation where your effectiveness relies on the need to get along well with others.  Through one to one collaborative feedback, you will be supported as you come to understand the behaviours that currently don’t work well for you.  As well as this, you will gain an enhanced understanding of your particular combination of strengths and will be guided towards making use of your own unique behaviour profile to promote your interpersonal effectiveness in any situation that you need to deal with.

Note:  TIFF© does not measure abilities or ‘type’ people in any way.  Feedback is collaborative with a focus on what people already do well.  It is designed to boost morale and the courage to make the changes chosen for developing effectiveness.

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